Delhi’s new solar policy in the works

Article Republished By Javier Troconis

In a bid to boost green energy and promote rooftop solar plants in Delhi, the Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC) Friday signed a partnership with RMI to develop a new Delhi Solar Policy. A national consultation on the framework will be conducted on May 12.

The partnership, signed by DDC Vice-Chairperson Jasmine Shah and RMI Managing Director Akshima Ghate, is aimed to promote Rooftop Solar (RTS) technology in Delhi through experience and knowledge sharing, multiple stakeholder convenings, technical knowledge sharing, and research, said officials.

“The Delhi government has laid ambitious plans to provide 5 lakh jobs in the next five years including 40,000 jobs in the green energy sector. This collaboration will go a long way in tapping into global best practices and ensuring Delhi emerges as the national and global leader in terms of rooftop solar adoption. The consultations are expected to help the government identify barriers and challenges to the deployment of rooftop solar in commercial, industrial and residential buildings,” said Shah.

He added that the consultation will also provide an opportunity to ideate potential solutions to these challenges and obtain specific inputs on the steps that need to be taken to ensure effective implementation.

Delhi Solar Policy was first introduced/notified in 2016 and expired in 2021. Following this, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in its Rozgaar budget announced a new Solar Policy to push the adoption of rooftop solar plants in residential areas.

Under the previous solar policy, a total of 1,189 Mega Watts (MW) of solar power has been received till date of which 230 MW is through rooftop solar installations. Since 2019, the share of renewable energy in the total power supply has also doubled, said officials.

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