Letter: Great energy, and the best beer too

Article Republished By Javier Troconis

The 5/2 E-R AP article excited me about California’s using renewable energy sources to generate our electricity for a whole day. And now we’re proposing desalination plants for thirsty SoCal — they really need these. Next will come California smart grids with battery back ups. Texas could learn a thing or two from us, but they won’t because there’s an R in Texas.

Now, Texas has a lot of wind, but most of its hot air. They turned electricity over to grifters, and we saw the results: no grid, no batteries, no integrity, with power outs and a bunch of missing money. Then Texas tried to play big with Mexico and succeeded in throwing billions in rail freight revenue to neighboring New Mexico. Texas also brilliantly plugged up the southern border crossings looking for, but not finding, illegal aliens — costing millions to shippers. Goodness. So the R in Texas had to find someone to beat up on. Women. In California women get to choose. In Texas, not so much.

California: “Watch this space.” Texas: “’Hold my beer’ (Austin: ‘Caress momentarily my locally-sourced, artisanal, carbonated adult beverage’)”.

“Faster, better, cleaner and cheaper” beats “Gonna need stitches” any time, any place. Watch California continue to lead in renewable energy, smart grids and battery backups. And better beer. Seriously.

— Michael Bertsch, Chico

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