Pulse Energy Powering Up Support Of Asthma And Respiratory Foundation NZ

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With winter on its way, the Asthma and Respiratory
Foundation NZ (ARFNZ) is thrilled to announce that Pulse
Energy is now a Gold Sponsor of its Friends of the
Foundation programme.

Having a warm, dry home is
essential to good respiratory health and ARFNZ looks to
align with community-focused sponsors, like Pulse Energy,
who understand the value of having a healthy

“Pulse Energy, through initiatives like their
Pay it Forward Programme, are already taking steps to make
power more affordable and accessible to Kiwis. We are
delighted they have increased their support of the
Foundation by moving from a Bronze to Gold sponsorship,”
says Chief Executive Letitia Harding.

Asthma and other
respiratory diseases have a significant impact on the health
of New Zealanders; they are the third most common cause of
death and account for 1 in 10 of all hospital

“Research shows that living in a damp, cold
house can aggravate existing respiratory conditions and
trigger serious flare ups. We know that respiratory disease
is particularly common among low-income families who may not
have access to healthy housing or adequate heating. In fact,
New Zealanders living in deprived areas are more than twice
as likely to be hospitalised with a respiratory disease than
those in more affluent areas,” explains Letitia.

Energy provides electricity, gas, and broadband to homes
throughout the country and is committed to improving the
lives of New Zealanders through initiatives like the Pay it
Forward Programme. Pay it Forward provides financial support
for families facing energy hardship. It enables vulnerable
households to heat their homes and create a healthy living
environment, which is crucial for those living with a
respiratory disease. Pulse also provides flexible low-cost
electricity plans to suit the needs of all

Pulse Energy Chief Executive Sharnie Warren
says the company welcomed the opportunity to grow its
support of ARFNZ. “As a 100% community-owned business,
we’re so proud to support the work that the Foundation is
doing to improve the respiratory health of New Zealanders.
We understand how much these diseases impact Kiwis and we
want to help make a difference.”

ARFNZ aims to improve
the respiratory health of Kiwis, through research, education
and advocacy. The Foundation is fully funded by grants,
donations and sponsorships and is reliant on the generosity
of organisations like Pulse Energy to carry out its

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