Solar power for a greener energy mix

Article Republished By Javier Troconis

The inauguration of Singapore’s first solar farm with an integrated rainwater harvesting system marks an incremental step towards the creation of an environmental ecosystem which harnesses technology innovatively to produce a greener energy mix. Such steps will put Singapore in a better position to meet the challenges of climate change. Ecologically friendly solar energy is one of Singapore’s most viable sources of renewable energy. The ways in which it is used creatively will help to determine how well this country makes the transition to a greener environmental future. The Sembcorp Tuas Solar Farm leverages Singapore’s geographical position to make that transition. The city-state is fortunate in receiving plenty of sunshine, but its tropical climate means that its skies are often overcast. Given its limited land space, the country has to be innovative in the way it harnesses solar energy. Rooftop solar energy solutions are an example.

Installing solar panels means utilising vacant land as well as open water bodies. Industrial estates present good opportunities for harnessing solar energy. In this context, the Tuas facility would tap the rainy weather to collect an expected 170,000 cubic metres of water every year to cool and clean solar panels for optimum performance. Moreover, the farm is highly mobile, so much so that it can be packed up over four months and set up at another site in two months.

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