CMB unveils latest hydrogen-powered engine

Article Republished By Javier Troconis

At the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam this week, BeH2ydro, a Belgian joint venture between Company Maritme Belge (CMB) and Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC), unveiled their keenly anticipated 100% hydrogen engines following on from the launch two years ago of dual-fuel engines.

The new BeH2ydro hydrogen engines deliver 100% clean energy, emitting no carbon (CO2), nitrogen (NOx), sulphur oxides (SOx) or soot particles. In addition, they are non-toxic and no use is made of scarce raw materials such as lithium, zinc, cobalt, platinum and rare earths.

“With the launch of this monofuel hydrogen engine we are taking an important next step in the development of our BeH2ydro engines. BeH2ydro can now supply both dual fuel and mono-fuel hydrogen applications for a wide range of heavy industrial applications such as shipping, gensets, locomotives, etc. Thanks to BeH2ydro we can already green a large part of the off-grid industry today,” commented Alexander Saverys, the CEO of CMB, a company which has staked a great deal of its future in backing hydrogen as a future fuel.

Thanks to BeH2ydro we can already green a large part of the off-grid industry today

The 100% hydrogen engine has a power range from 1 MW to 2.6 MW and is available in 6- and 8-cylinder in-line engines and 12- and 16-cylinder V-engines.

Also announced yesterday by CMB was the Hydrocat 48, the world’s first hydrogen-powered crew transfer vessel, which after a long period of trials, is now ready for immediate operation. It follows on from the pioneering hydrogen-powered passenger shuttle CMB created in 2017.

Busy CMB finds itself in a shareholder battle with John Fredriksen for control of Euronav, Europe’s largest tanker shipping company, which has been part of the Saverys empire since 1997. A crucial shareholder vote on May 19 will decide whether to combine Euronav with Fredriksen’s Frontline or to stick with the Saverys family who have outlined a future featuring alternative energies including hydrogen for the Antwerp-based shipping giant.

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