Dr. Bronner’s Calls on Senate to Pass $555 Billion in Climate Investments for Clean Energy

Article Republished By Javier Troconis

Dr. Bronner, the family-owned maker of the top-selling natural brand of soaps in North America, publicly supports the transformational clean energy policy.


In a statement issued this week from David and Michael Bronner, CEO and president, on behalf of the company, the men stressed the brand’s bottom line as well as the customer’s is being affected by high energy costs, and their position that advancing the transition to affordable clean energy will allow businesses to become less reliant on “volatile, traditional energy markets.” The move, he added, would free up money to invest in innovation, manufacturing and employment thereby fortifying America’s economy to well-position businesses for global competition. 


“Climate action and environmental stewardship are primary business priorities for Dr. Bronner’s and have long informed and guided how we operate as a company,” the men said in a joint statement. “We are calling on the senate to immediately schedule a vote and pass the transformational $555 billion in climate investments that were included in the House-passed reconciliation bill. Now that the Senate is returning from recess, climate must be at the top of their agenda.”


Dr. Bronner’s statement resonates with many other companies who understand that immediate action on climate investments is a critical economic issue for the business community. As corporations such as Google and Intel have recently offered, the private sector will be unable to scale up investments in its own climate commitments without a significant commitment from the federal government. Consequently, businesses and investors representing over 6.5 million workers and $3 trillion in revenue across the US economy have expressed support for these climate investments. 


“Passing this bill will transform the US power sector and slash carbon emissions, while reducing dependence on international fossil fuel markets and lower costs for families and businesses alike,” the statement added. “The worsening ecological crisis facing our planet is a generational opportunity to remake the world we live in. The senate must step up and act now.” 


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